As a spring maker, we often have to equip our own machines with the right tools and moulds. As a result, our employees have developed extensive skills in designing and manufacturing tools and parts for installing in machines. And we are happy to put our employees’ talent and experience at your disposal.

A solid and reliable toolmaking shop

Our well-equipped toolmaking shop allows us to make tools and spare parts quickly and expertly. And that is not only for our own use; we can do it for you too. For example, we can make modifications to production machines or design and make spare parts that are no longer available on the market.

Our machinery setup comprises an extensive range of top quality machines including lathes, milling machines, grinders and wire-EDM (Electrical discharge machining).

From a single piece to large runs

Are you looking for a single example of tool or a small quantity? We then manufacture platens, which is a useful method for manual production. Of course, we follow your guidelines and we set out a budget in advance. Do you want larger quantities afterwards? In that case we will make new production and price agreements, so that you can work efficiently in every way.

Flexibility and creativity

Perhaps you might want to make changes during the production process to improve dimensional stability? We work flexibly, think creatively and will respond quickly to your wishes.

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