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Torsion springs or tension springs for all overhead doors and garage doors!

Torsion springs or tension springs for all overhead doors and garage doors!

Torsion springs and tension springs available in all sizes are a very important component in all overhead doors. The springs listed here are manufactured at Herman’s spring factory in all sizes and for all applications. We always have the ideal solution for your sectional door, overhead door, overhead garage door, or swing gate. Your door or gate working perfectly is partly dependent on the quality of the appropriate spring and its specific properties. We can manufacture custom springs and, if needed, fit these with an appropriate spring plug. We keep a large stock on hand to ensure we can quickly fulfil your urgent need. We can also manufacture custom springs – compatible with all doors and gates – in a quick and efficient manner. In addition, we can ensure that our springs are installed in a professional manner.

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How do we make your garage door springs?

  • We produce all our entrance door springs in our own production installation. Since these springs have to last for many years and need resistance to changing weather conditions, we can provide an extra surface treatment. That is why we shot blast them, and applying paint to springs is an option. It lengthens the service life of the door springs and their load bearing capacity is higher. Do you want galvanized garage door springs? We can provide those too.
  • We know that garage door manufacturers and installers need to have their springs on time, and not only for new installations; availability is very important for repairs or renovations on existing doors. At Hermans Verenfabriek we can assure you fast and correct deliveries.
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