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What is a disc spring?

What is a disc spring?

A disc spring is a shaped disc with a central hole. This makes it possible to put the spring on a shaft. Due to the fixed disc shape the disc can compensate for a displacement in an axial direction.

Stacking a series of disc springs well together is ideal to absorb large forces along a short stroke length. These 'spring columns' allow us to realize linear, progressive or degressive spring packages. Spring columns allow us to increase the relatively short travel of a single disc spring, or one can achieve extremely powerful force with relatively short spring travel.

Disc springs have an added advantage – they also a long service life, even under dynamic loads.

By combining different disc springs in layers you can achieve variable force and stroke.

What are applications for disc springs?

Disc springs are the solution for absorbing powerful forces in a small space. You find them in systems for securing bolts with pretension, in mechanical couplings or in brake systems.

How do we make your disc springs?
  • You can order any type of dish spring from us. We can custom make them for you, because we use the widest range of techniques: engineering, laser processes, edge forming, casting, pressing, punching, milling and turning.
  • The materials we use for disc springs are 1.1231 (C67S / CK67) and 1.8159 (51CrV4). But we can use other materials such as 1.4310 (stainless steel spring steel / RVS302). The disc spring post-treatment options include shot blasting, phosphating, blackening and/or oils.

We respect strict quality standards and comply to the DIN 2093 standard for calculating and producing your disc springs.

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