Making springs since 1951

Hermans Verenfabriek is a true Belgian family business, now led by the third generation. Today we are a spring manufacturer that offers its services worldwide.

Why is Hermans Verenfabriek the preferred supplier of customers who value both quality and speed of supply?

  • With us, you are certain that you have a manufacturer with state-of-the-art machinery. Though our many years in business, we have constantly invested in new machines.
  • When you come to us, you can speak with with creative employees. And your assignments are carried out by precision workers with an eye for detail.
  • You will always find an open and constructive atmosphere when working with us. We are always businesslike but we also have time for friendly good humour and even the odd joke.

Study, development and production

You can always count on a complete package at Hermans Verenfabriek. Of course, you can order standard springs [link naar pagina ‘standaardveren’] from our extensive stock and get delivery very quickly. But we can also design, develop and produce custom springs, [link naar ‘veren op maat’ als dat mogelijk is] and we will be happy to do that for you.

When you come to a leading supply company such as Hermans Verenfabriek you are assured the following:

  • a creative partnership
  • the best quality at all times
  • flexibility and speedy service
  • multilingualism
  • willingness to do business anywhere in the world
  • knowledge of the most wide range of sectors and applications

And you can take advantage of our facilities for sheet metal processing and our tool making shop.